Fri Jan 26 2007 It is 8:54AM in Texas. I had blue berry muffins, peanut butter jelly sandwich, banana, hot chocolate and I am going to have hot tea. While I was eating, I was trying to figure out how come woman must stay inside her home and better not out of door by herself. Because I know God want us wise like him, dumb is not belonging to human being, even second to man's woman must not be allowed to be dumb. Therefore, I realiz 西裝外套ed the reason woman must stay home, because by staying home to please God's order can lead her the best opportunity to meet her sweetheart and bring her sweetheart back to heaven leave no fans(that sign that Buddist used to show and looked like Nazi mark) behind.Because in order back to heaven, we must be righteous, honest, good rooted. By sta 西服ying home, woman can less the chance to be forced to fight righteously, by staying home, woman can less the chance to fit, feed, fix the nonsense hypocrite, by staying home, woman can less the risk be out of the good rooted ground, so that she can be in the best condition to match her only love to bring him together back to heaven. Because like entering hell, back to heav 租屋en only take one of the couple's face to qualify, because in heaven every united couple can be free to fly, the good always the one to get the direction, and the locked couple always stay together, therefore, the other side's stupid bad ulgy evil whatever won't count. Like Angus Tung's song "一世情?" voicing "我的?有一把?" Therefore, woman must listen to my advise to stay 房屋買賣 home, because if she not staying home, she could not be good enough to help her sweetheart back to heaven, and she could not back to heaven alone either to get the position to wait and see to get the best chance to come down to meet her sweetheart again, once she falling into lower form, not only her but also her sweetheart need wait unknown times of fans cycling to get the chance to meet again. If she staying 酒店打工home to have the best opportunity to back to heaven, even she losing the chance to see him this lifetime, she can still wait in the heaven to see him back to earth as a second class human being, then she can choose to come as a first class man to get the match time immediately. Otherwise, if she falling into lower level, none of them can have the advantage to get the freedom to choose to meet on time. Yes, woman must stay home to honor 烤肉食材 God's please, because to win the war nothing more important than to get God's bless. Therefore, you should know how stupid bad ugly evil that female dressed animal Pelosi has showed in front of the world to run to Iraq. Pelosi is too stupid bad ugly evil to know that women like me stay home can do more help to our military freely than she wasting unknown amount of our tax payers's money to shame on US. and Pelosi is too stupid bad ugly evil to kno 房屋買賣w that you don't need to go to know like Chinese told "Show.Chi(me).Boo(t).True.Mon.None.Zhi.Ten.Sho(ck).Shi.". If you need to go to know everything, then why bother to stay in school those long time years. Not mention that stupid bad ugly evil Pelosi too stupid bad ugly evil to know that she's not US President, the war has nothing to do with Congress, once the Congress declare the war, it out of the civil field, it is all military matters. What a sucker that stupid bad ug 租辦公室ly evil female dressed animal Pelosi shamed on US. Not mention that stupid bad ugly evil female dressed animal Pelosi's too stupid bad ugly evil to know that she's current US House head, she should do her best to protect US citizens from out of housed place, she should do her duty to make sure she has all US available land detailed on hands, and place 1800 or 877 or 888 whatever free nation wide call for citizens to dial for help when anyone of them could not get a ground to live or die. Stupid bad u 景觀設計gly evil female dressed animal Pelosi deserves to die for her unfitted disgusting show off. "Boo(t).Zhi.Dow"? "Boo(t).Zhi.Jer. Boo(t).Jway", but still need to pay time in jail to get the lesson passed the test. It is 20:41 in Texas. I had Mexican pizza around dinner time. It was distasteful, I wonder the oil they used to fry the pizza most likely not in good condition. I am going to have hot tea.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 房屋貸款  .


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