Strong Woman You have all your right to challenge God, because you have all your right to know God mighty through your best will best strength best brain cell challenged, then to know the truth. Therefore, you want to be a strong woman, you must not be fake man, because your fake tells you are in the losing formed of lie. You want to be strong woman, you must not work in public office, you must not be the public worker, you must not be teacher, you must not work in any teaching place, no matter that teaching is formal or informal, official or non-official; because teaching is a life time duty, teacher has no right t 廬山住宿o act like boss; public office is public servants, public workers must have to bend to every one like a family dog. You want to be strong woman, you must not have sex, you must not have kid; because if you have sex, that must mean you have to accept every man to challenge your sex, you have no way to have sex with every one you have to work with or asked; only stupid or evil woman would have kid or kids, you have kid or kids, you are worse than foolish man, because foolish man does not need to give heavy weighted birth even he has sex with an 廬山飯店y stupid evil woman; you challenged with your sex, you bear heavy weighted birth, you are sucking loser, you have to go to hells for your losing because of your strong woman sucking crime. Why? Because 0nce you take the path to challenge God, you must not be allowed to lose, because you lose, you cannot be a good loser.How can you be a strong woman? You work must because you want to seek what's going on, you must not work for money, you must not work for selfish money power sex gain, you work for high standard idea (Like Chinese said "Ten.Sheng.Lead.質 廬山溫泉.Nun.自.7". You offer your gifted talent and best integrity to help those who willing to work for you to show your gifted talent and best integrity as a grouped team like Chinese said "Won.Zhong.1.Sin". Because you all have the same unselfish integrity, therefore, you can have room to take care all your workers "10.1.Drew.Sin" decent life expanding your business to cover up all those decent life needs like Chinese said "多角經營" (You must not have anything to do with medical business, unless you have big muscle enough to offer free of charge for any sick weak wicked people, b 花蓮旅遊ecause strong woman cannot deserve God bless you good luck, can only rely on your righteous guts to earn Satan respect you enough to spare you from dragon down, therefore, you must not have anything to do with unconditional love must needed medical field. You can only have Chinese doctor live in your site Free of Charge to care all your workers and their immediately family members, any sick out of Chinese Doctor ability to care, must leave that patient to starve to die or have best sniper available to give that patient a best gun shot to leave. That may explain that you have to demand you 花蓮民宿r law makers to make law clearly stated that anyone died under one good gun shot is a lawful way to go. Therefore, you are strong woman, you should know that you really don't need to have anything to do with your politicians or any public office, all you need is to have your military to issue you trustable Dollar Bill to help you to do the business with your customers and guard the land that you needed to care all your workers.), therefore, you can focus the quality and integrity not bending to profits, because you can have all your mean and way to take care all your workers decent life within your own busin 吉安民宿ess circle free of charge even you have no profits from any market in any way. ). You have to marry like a mankind to marry some one younger than you but within your birth cycle, the only difference is mankind must have to marry a real female, strong woman must have to marry a real male (When you as a form of man, you fond of a woman older than you at the first sight, you already tripped at your first life time step, therefore, from that point on, you have to be an under dog to do whatever you can to have the best will and strength to be a good loser, you must have to be a good loser, then you can deserve your good luck to earn your se 花蓮住宿cond time to win. You can win when you do your duty to see that woman married to you off, then you keep her widower title purely to the end, so that you become a winner to earn the right to come again as man form; if you died before that woman married to you, then you as a good loser, you will come again as female form to become a good woman to deserve your good luck to meet your only true love man.)but no sex with him, because once he has sex with you that means he challenge you in the sex, sex is sin, only love can overcome that sex sin, you challenge God, you must not have anything to do in that sin love in any way, mankind service that real younger female, 花蓮民宿 strong woman must have that younger male willing to service her Interests (That must mean that he will not ever have sex with anyone in order to guard her interests to challenge God. Because man has sex with any woman is showing he looking her down <有的女生是陶器,有的女生是便盆,不能一概而論。>, a man married to an older woman, must have to lose his right to look anyone down. Strong woman must not ever allow anyone to have sex with her to look her down, not mention to seek sex with anyone to get that looked down.) loyally the entire his life.You want to a strong woman, you have to own your own business and do your own business m 酒店經紀ost successfully in that business field (A married pure virgin strong woman will come again as female form immediately to be ended as pure virgin "Yan.Ill.Bi.Lay" to become bright star hang above the sky to glorify Satan's pride.) , you must hire only the male younger enough to be your son, and all those son figure you hired must be either single man or must married to a female older than him, his wife must either be teacher or be mom, must not be allowed to work in any working place to make sure they all must be the most loyalty personal workers to the company owned by you.   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 港式飲茶  .


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